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Welcome to the purple present.  


As life happens, new beginnings and interesting adventures of learning and growth arise. Certain challenging circumstances such as aging, disease, death, divorce and relationship breakups, loss of friendships and work, and changes in social and environmental conditions and causes us to face our fears, pain, loss, and grief and deal with change. When we experience the highs and lows of life we learn to open our hearts, let go, love, and find meaning to grow and transform. We are challenged to explore our values, principles, and character strengths and connect to 'who we really are'. Coaching creates the opportunity to change, take action, and embrace a life of health and wellbeing, personal growth, and learning.


As a coach, facilitator, exercise physiologist, and medical educator, it is easy to get caught up in the science, the logic, the clinical 'left-side of the brain sort-of-stuff’, so the purple present allows me to connect the behavioural, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of our physical, mental and emotional health. As a mum, the purple present is my footprint on this earth for my boys to open their hearts to learn, love, and live in the present moment. It will be here for whenever they are ready.


I am hoping to update this website soon with new coaching packages & programs, but in the meantime, please book in for a discovery coaching session and please comment, like and share my posts on social media.


Much love, Sara xo

purple is my favourite colour!

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 Wellbeing • Coaching • Lifelong learning • Personal Growth

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